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What We Do Houston, TX

What We Do

Welcome to USR Drilling Group, LLC. We are a group of companies specializing in the re-entry of existing oil and gas wells to exploit bypassed reserves in mature fields. Our proprietary well-intervention technologies are specifically designed to exploit remaining reserves, increase production from marginal wells, restore production from shut-in wells and reduce water production.

USR is the exclusive source of Ultra Short Radius Drilling (USRD) and Completion Technologies. In addition to the innovative equipment we provide, our team has over two decades of experience when it comes to project planning, management and support.

Ultra Short Radius Drilling

Ultra Short Radius Drilling offers our clients greater control over every project. The technologies that we have developed are designed to increase well and reserve productivity while preventing site contamination from sand and other solids.

If your project requires a radius of curvature (27-60 ft.) and a slim hole (3 7/8 in. to 4 3/4 in.), we are fully positioned to provide support. Our specialist equipment, resources and highly experienced project management team come together to create a unique proposition for clients who need effective solutions.

Equipment Sales

WithUSR Drilling Group, LLC, you have access to industry-leading equipment. All our equipment is designed with the science and technology of oil and gas drilling in mind. We have documented and studied the limitations faced by the industry over the last 20 years and created solutions that are proven to increase well productivity.

Project Planning and Management

The planning and management of a drilling project can become fraught with difficulties. At USR our team has extensive industry and field experience. Clients can rely on USR to take control of all project needs from inception to completion. For industry experts who will work closely with your company and deliver the gold standard in project planning and management, trust in the experience of the world’s leading provider of USR equipment and services.

Are you concerned about drilling project limitations? Seek advice and solutions from USR Drilling Group, LLC today. We provide support to drilling operations globally, with an emphasis on delivering excellence in products, services and resources.

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