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Licensing Houston, TX

USR Licensing

To improve global access to the USR Technology we have created a program to grant licenses to companies that require our technology and equipment to drill USR wells.

The USR Drilling Group partners with qualified local companies to establish a joint venture company that purchases an exclusive license to provide USR drilling services within a specific territory. USR Drilling Group is a minority owner of the joint venture company.

The Licensee has the right to use the USR Technology and USR equipment and is provided with training and support necessary to plan, drill and successfully complete USR wells.

Licensees are provided:

  • Exclusive right to use USR Technology and operate USRD equipment in a designated region
  • Proprietary USR drilling equipment
  • Onsite training
  • Technical and engineering support required to evaluate, plan, drill and complete a USR well for a minimum of six months or until the licensee can function independently of USR Drilling Group
  • Ongoing technical support when needed
  • Access to all advances in USR Technology

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