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Complete Projects Houston, TX

Complete Projects


Following the mobilization for United Energy Pakistan Limited in November 2012, 8 wells were completed in three different fields from the same Block with TD reached on the 8th well on June 2013. The objective for all eight wells was to re-enter existing wells and drill USR sidetracks to increase oil production by targeting bypassed oil.


Drilling of the 13th USR well has commenced for Perenco. The first well in the campaign began in Q4 2011 and was followed by twelve consecutive wells in four different fields and from three different types of light workover rigs and 1 heavy rig. USR well applications have included re-entry sidetracks from existing wells and the drilling of USR sidetracks from three newly drilled slant wells in one field. Some of the well objectives are:

  • to improve field recovery
  • to improve PI in existing vertical wells with low mobility oil
  • to prove production from horizontal drain holes against water piercing tendency in vertical wells
  • to reduce water coning and, or fingering effect with reduced drawdown in a horizontal drain as compared to vertical well
  • to increase connectivity between the new horizontal wellbore to un-drained fracture networks
  • to access to sweet spots a few meters from the vertical wellbore by combining the USR wells with the nature of the reservoir
  • to support the technology in re-entering very high water cut wells in the field
  • to increase net reservoir length in the flank area with less number of wells

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